Joseph Giaramita, Esq.

This law office has been representing clients since 1984. Joseph Giaramita is admitted to practice law in the State of New York and now devotes most of his practice to personal injury law. He also specializes in matters of family law, matrimonial law, real estate, estate matters, criminal law and other civil cases.

Joseph Giaramita also accepts referrals from other attorneys and is considered a “lawyer’s lawyer” in the downtown Brooklyn courts with a significant portion of his cases referred from other attorneys in the area. His office is located at 8215 Fifth Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and is located near many public transportations and public highways.

Admitted to practice in 1984, Joseph Giaramita set up his own practice that same year. Prior to setting up his office, he handled high profile criminal cases. In his own practice since July 1984, he requires a careful examination of each case prior to accepting it. He does not send anyone else to do his court appearances or paperwork because “his hands on” method benefits the clients in the results of their case. Joseph Giaramita is more concerned with the client’s case reaching a favorable conclusion than how much money he can make. As an attorney that also receives referrals from other attorneys, he has seen that poor work can damage a good case and he prefers to handle each case by himself from the time he begins to work on it until its conclusion. Referrals continue to come from other attorneys because they want the best representation for their clients and are pleased with the results.

Joseph Giaramita attended Southwestern University School of Law from 1980 to 1983 and was on the Dean’s List for 4 semesters while working full time in law offices in Los Angeles, California. He received certificates of exceptional achievement 3 times for the highest grades in each of those classes. He is a published writer, having had articles published while attending law school and as a lawyer. He has also written for the New York Law Journal about a case he won on appeal in the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. His first job in the legal field after college was in that very same Federal Appeals Court and he has been working in the legal field since 1977.

Early in his career Joseph Giaramita handled a larger caseload of criminal cases and he set precedent in nearly every case he handled on appeal. He was granted leave to appeal and successfully argued the first case submitted to in the New York Court State of Appeals in People v. Catalanotte, 72 NY2d 641 (1988) (Kaye, dissenting) and, reversed a conviction in United States of America v. Amaury Edward Ramirez, 973 F.2d 102 (Second Circuit, 1992) and either won or made law on other appellate cases: In re Fico, 169 A.D.2d. 832 (2nd Department, 1991), U.S. v. Gobern, 94 F.3d 849 (4th Circuit en banc 1993) (unsuccessfully argued that the crack cocaine statute discriminated against blacks on the basis of race. Years later, Rev. Jesse Jackson and President Clinton changed this law for this exact reason). He won a high profile murder case that has been the subject of numerous articles and 3 books, including one written by Charles Brandt, the famous author of Donnie Brasco. He recently won an appeal that saved the law license of an attorney that was convicted of a felony and was incarcerated for 2 years. See In re Tartir, unpublished (Second Dept., decided February 7, 2012). You can see all of the above cases in our “Cases” section.

Presently, our office handles personal injury cases, civil litigation, civil appeals, family law matters, as well as, high profile criminal cases. Joseph Giaramita is also developing an international law practice in the Dominican Republic, representing spouses that need legal help to secure assets in the United States.

Lilit Avetisyan, Esq.

Lilit Avetisyan is admitted to practice law in the State and Federal Courts and is a graduate from Touro Law School.
Ms. Avetisyan has worked at this office since 2007. As an invaluable member of my team. She is the image maker and has great social and legal skills. She has a great personality and can handle complex issues easily. Gradually becoming a trial attorney, she handles all cases of the office. She has a bright future and is beloved by the clients and respected by the attorney we work against.