Court Decisions

Sinagra – Judge Reichbach Decision – Long Decision(murder charges dismissed)

People v. Sinagra – Short Decision (Appeal of dismissal by Kings County District Attorney dismissed)

U.S. v. Ramirez (24 year sentence reversed, time served on remand

People v. Catalanotte (split 4-3 decision of N.Y.C. Court of Appeals, Judge Kaye wrote dissent)

Awadh v. Moronta (reversal of dismissal of case, cased settled)

US v. Alexus Gobern (En bank 4th Circuit upholding sentencing disparity of crack/cocaine statute)

Abbadessa v. Rogers (reversal of dismissal of case, case settled)

In Re F I C O (affirmed Surrogate’s Court decision toallow the will to be admitted to Probate)

Lamassa v. Lamassa (reversal of award of variable supplement)

In Re Tartir (attorney convicted of felony and 2 year prison sentence, suspended, not disbarred)

People v. Prokop (Motion to Suppress Statements Granted)

People v. Gilberto A. Reyes (2 robbery indictments dismissed)