Premises Liability

Several factors have to be considered in a premise liability case. Expert testimony is usually necessary and can be costly to determine and prove the cause of the accident. Of course, medicals doctors are also necessary and expensive to prove injuries of the client. Insurance coverage is a factor, as well as, the nature and extent of the injuries suffered by the client. A very important factor is that the insurance company for the landowner must be notified immediately or they can deny coverage. You need the services of an attorney immediately for this reason.

The landowner who has control of property is responsible to maintain the property (sidewalk, parking lot, etc.) in a reasonably safe condition. The landowner can sometimes cause and create a dangerous defect by a negligent repair which causes an unreasonable risk of harm. The defect must be more then a trivial or slight defect because the law does not require a landowner to eliminate all defects or deviations on a property. These cases often require the work of an architect, engineer or other expert. The cost of expert testimony must be considered in the presentation of the case for a client. Of course, medical testimony and experts are a significant expense and must be a factor in the decision to bring a case.