Areas Of Practice

Civil Litigation

Our office handles cases involving business litigation, breach of contract, business dissolution, breach of partnership, fiduciary duties, need for court appointed receivers and real property litigation in the State and Federal Courts. We have handled discrimination matters and other types of Civil Litigation as well.

Resumption of the Ongoing Case that had been halted against the Saudi Arabia.

Joseph Giaramita handled several cases in the Victim’s Compensation Fund and for several of the clean up workers. He also represented individuals that were injured during the 9/11 and were initially denied compensation for personal injuries by the Victim’s Compensation Fund. He was successful in obtaining substantial awards in all of those claims and is very interested in these clients. He is actively involved in the proposed case against Saudi Arabia by the victims of 9/11.

Estate Matters

Our office handles small estates to complex trusts. We also do work as a trustee for clients that need help in managing their everyday affairs.

Personal Injury

Our office handles motor vehicle accidents, falls, construction accidents, civil rights, violations, discrimination, excessive force, false arrest and other personal injuries. Each aspect of the case (paperwork, court appearances and trial) are handled exclusively by Joseph Giaramita and presentation of the lawsuit is therefore more effective than larger law firms which shuffle the case between various attorneys.

Criminal Law

Our office handles criminal cases in the State and Federal Courts, at trial and appeal. This includes felonies and misdemeanors and we are available at any time to meet the urgent needs of a client facing arrest or investigation. We handle high profile criminal cases (see Articles) and travel internationally if necessary.

Joseph Giaramita has defended thousands of criminal cases. He is admitted to the U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd, 4th and 9th Circuits. He has handled Federal criminal cases in the U.S. District Court in the Eastern, Northern and Southern Districts of New York, District of Nevada (Las Vegas) and Newark, New Jersey.

He represented a co-defendant in one of the largest Medicare fraud cases in U.S. History – U.S. v. Kazarian (google). He also represented a co-defendant in one of the biggest credit card fraud cases in U.S. History – U.S. v. Quereshi (google).

In People v. DeVecchio, the late Justice Gustin Reichbach (a justice that was never reversed by an Appellate Court during his glorious career) claimed at arraignment that this case was to be the worst case of law enforcement corruption in American history. We sought a separate trial and proceeded first, prior to co-defendant DeVecchio. It was a gutsy move as thousands watched, and yet Joseph Giaramita obtained a dismissal based upon a constitutional law violation (People v. Sinagra). The Kings County District Attorney appealed this dismissal to the Appellate Division, 2nd Dept. and after Joseph Giaramita’s motion, their appeal was dismissed as well.

Family Law

Our office handles divorce and family Law cases in the Supreme Court and Family Court and on appeal. This includes matters of custody, visitation, equitable distribution, maintenance and child related matters. We have secured custody for men in several cases where it is appropriate.

Joseph Giaramita handles matrimonial matters ranging from uncontested to multimillion dollar divorces. Divorces and Family law cases are sometimes extremely emotional, highly contested and complex. Although Family Court matters are usually for modest compensation, they are the most rewarding where a client receives the justice they deserve in their case. Clients of modest means will fight strenuously in these cases and the hearings can be intense. Since it is frequently to assert rights involving family members, it is some of the most important work for our clients.

International Law

Our office locates assets for widowed spouses that lived outside the United States who are married to American Citizens. We secure these assets for the client and handle all of the paperwork as well as meet any deadlines that will prevent recovery of the assets to which a spouse or widow is entitled to. We are often required to litigate estate issues because our clients have been wrongfully excluded from the estates of their deceased spouse and their assets have been wrongfully taken by the family members of the deceased spouse. Many of these clients live in poverty and we sometimes handle them without compensation.